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 Introduction to Ethical Hacking
 Kanav Jindal

The Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked
 Princeton University

How Professional Hackers Understand Protected Code while Performing Attack Tasks
 M Ceccato,P Tonella,C Basile

 Protecting Personal Information
Federal Trade Commission

Bluetooth Hacking and its Prevention
Trapti Pandey,Pratha Khare

The 12 types of Cyber Crime
Delhi College Of Arts & Commerce, Delhi University

The A-Z of cyber security For small businesses

Hiscox Limited

Computer hacking as a social problem

Brian Alleyne

Insight Of Hacking In Cyber Crime

Dr Vidyashankar M H

Hacking the Internet of Things: Vulnerabilities, Dangers, and Legal Responses

Duke Law Scholarship Repository

Computer Hacking

Joe Benton

Study Of Ethical Hacking

Bhawana Sahare,Ankit Naik,Shashikala Khandey

Introduction to Ethical Hacking (Presentation)

Laszlo Erdödi

An Analytical Approach to Psychological Behavior of Hackers’ Motives

Elie Nasr,Elie Kfoury,Maya Kfoury

Computer Hacking A Global Offense

Robert JSciglimpaglia

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