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The Highlight Service Assurance

The Highlight Service Assurance Platform provides a shared understanding of how your network service is performing. This enables productive communication between network management staff and end-users at all levels, resulting in a network that is optimised to work for everybody.
Communication using real data creates real solutions
Highlight’s cloud-based platform collects and analyses complex network data, transforming it into categorised service-focused insights that can be shared throughout and between organisations, driving clear and collaborative conversations that further business goals.

Comprehensive tutorials on cybersecurity techniques.

Enter into a network of transparency
Intuitive visual performance visualisation
Every part of the Highlight platform has been designed to translate complex technical data into standardised and readily understandable metrics. The inherent flexibility of Highlight enables you to easily see exactly what you need to see at any moment. You can go from a high-level estate overview to detailed analysis of a single connection in seconds.
Multi-vendor service visibility
Highlight enables users to see service performance on a wide range of network services (including SD-WAN, Cellular, Broadband, WiFi and LAN) from multiple different vendors in a shared single-pane-of-glass viewpoint.
Native multi-tenant support features
The Highlight platform’s service assurance architecture enables you to grant and control access to data at different levels using Highlight’s native multi-tenant access tree structure, enabling clear communication between departments for enterprise organisations and between support teams and customers for service providers.
Unified reporting capabilities
The Highlight platform enables the quick and easy generation of consolidated service management reports that give a unified view of how multiple different services are being delivered, opening up a premium level of transparency and communication.

Tools for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.

Go beyond technical monitoring tools


Bridge the gap between technical data and usable business insights

Unlike technical monitoring tools, Highlight is designed specifically for managed services. Traditional monitoring tools are designed purely for engineers and operations teams, to keep the inner workings of the network machine moving. The Highlight platform exists to help both technical and non-technical roles to work together to direct that network to provide effective business solutions.

Easy access to persistent real-time and historical service performance data means both enterprise organisations and service providers can ensure every conversation about their networks produces effective solutions, without having to lean on technical staff to produce labour-intensive reports.

Forums for discussing ethical hacking practices.
 Latest news and updates in cybersecurity.

“I really value the fact that both our service provider and our internal team are using the same insights from Highlight. Our service provider takes a more consultative and collaborative role compared to any of our previous providers. The combined focus is now always on where improvements can be made to help our business.”
Take the first step towards making your network service work for you


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