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Learn Ethical Hacking

With the rise in cyber-crimes, ethical hacking has become a powerful strategy in the fight against online threats.

In general terms, ethical hackers are authorised to break into supposedly 'secure' computer systems without malicious intent, but with the aim of discovering vulnerabilities to bring about improved protection.

Ethical Hackers are now kind of becoming the alchemists of the 21st century.

More and more organisations are being targeted in cyber-attacks, and they must get to know their enemy if they are to protect vital networks. Meet the professional, ethical hacker.

Despite this, the common belief among many at-risk companies is that 'to outwit a hacker, you need to hire one'.

With so much at stake, even technology providers are turning to those with hacking skills to find the flaws in their products and fix them before the baddies can exploit them.

Infamous Apple Hacker Turned Ethical; Hired by Facebook

23-year-old George 'GeoHot' Hotz gained notoriety in 2007 when he became the first person to 'jailbreak' Apple's iPhone by creating a program that enabled iPhone users to modify their devices to run on other carrier networks, despite AT&T having an exclusive deal with Apple.

Two years later Hotz cracked Sony's PlayStation 3 games console, giving him access to the machine's processor which helped gamers to amend their game consoles and run unapproved applications and pirated games.

However, despite his reputation, social networking giant Facebook hired Hotz and is reported to be engaged in building an anti-hacker defence programme.

Start Your Career in Ethical Hacking

As companies begin to employ ethical hackers, the need for IT specialists with accredited skills is growing, but ethical hackers require support too.

Learning how to hack helps information security professionals implement the most robust possible security practices. It is as much about finding and fixing security vulnerabilities as it is anticipating them.

As you learn more about the methods hackers use to infiltrate systems, you will be able to pre-emptively resolve issues; if you do not understand how black hat hackers could get into your systems, you are going to have a hard time securing them.

Think of it this way: a computer network is like a yard with a fence to keep people out. If you have put something valuable inside the yard, someone may want to hop the fence and steal it.

Ethical hacking is like regularly checking for vulnerabilities in and around the fence, so you can reinforce weak areas before anyone tries to get in.

8 Online Ethical Hacking Training Courses (With Samples)

Here is an excellent opportunity for you to learn to hack through live demonstrations and hands-on experience with the latest tools.

This week we are introducing a new package of 8 online courses: The Zero to Hero Cyber Security Hacker Bundle, which usually costs $360, but you can exclusively get this 8-in-1 online training course for just $29 after 91% discount.

91% OFF — Join Ethical Hacking Course

Here below you can watch sample videos of all training programs before joining:

Learn computer hacking and become a cyber-warrior.

This course forms the basis for anyone who wants to become a real-time penetration tester. You will learn how to research and gather information about a target without leaving any traces, all in an ethical way.

By the end of the course, you will be familiar with how attackers gather their information before launching an attack and know how to mitigate it beforehand.

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