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Updates to Ethiack's Pricing: What You Need to Know

Why the Change?

Improvements to our Artificial Hackers - the technology behind our Automated Pentesting - have been constant since the start. What started with 5% false positives in findings is now less than 0.5% - the best rate out of any scanner in the market. On top of that, what used to be a low hit rate of impactful vulnerabilities, now has an average of more than 20% impactful vulnerabilities detected (CVSS >= 4.0).

These improvements make AI Automated Pentesting more valuable to any team that wishes to improve their security posture. This is all thanks to the effort we put into R&D to add new CVEs and strengthen the awareness of our AI - however, this also increases costs on our side.

How Pricing is Changing

There are currently 3 pricing tiers below Enterprise plans: under 25 assets and under 100 assets, in which you can choose to add Human Ethical Hacking Events or not.

From May 6th onwards, you’ll be able to personalize your Ethiack plan according to your Automated and Manual Pentesting needs. Here’s what the pricing table will look like:

In addition, our 30-day free trial will remain in place, and we also provide custom Enterprise plans for customers with more than 100 assets. Pricing will be calculated according to licenses and will follow a tiered approach. Together with that, payment terms will also change. We’re removing the option of monthly payments, as we believe that cybersecurity is a continuous effort, which requires constant, year-long testing.

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